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More on the Dalai Lama

October 21, 2010

Well, I braved the downtown Toronto traffic today (not so big a deal, I used to work there a few years back) to pick up our Dalai Lama tickets from Zoomers Magazine on Queen St. E. and was pleased to see the seats were directly in front of the stage (in the blue balcony, but in front). Rogers has banned movie cameras and tape recorders from the event so I guess it really doesn’t matter that at the distance we are sitting we will not be able to see His Holiness’ face or gestures.
The subject of the talk His Holiness is giving is “Human Approaches to World Peace”. I must admit I am no expert on politics or diplomacy but I have gathered some knowledge of human beings so I’ll try to understand as much of it as I can from that perspective.
On Saturday and Sunday the Dalai Lama will be inaugurating the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre here in Etobicoke. Seats have sold out for the Sunday event so I’m afraid we’ll be missing it. These events are more for the Canadian Tibetan Community than the Friday talk, even though there will be many Tibetans attending on Friday.
For more details on His Holiness’ itinerary go to the website at:
More on Saturday.

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